Be Joyfully Journeyed
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My nature and yoga-charged experiences inspire you to connect with your true nature so that you can embrace the journey of your life.


Be Joyfully Journeyed

NATURE + connection

I believe that connecting in and with nature is a key element in connecting with yourself. It is also a human desire to want to feel connected, Social support and interaction act as a therapeutic support system by offering a positive effect on our emotional and physical health. I offer intimate day, overnight, and weekend experiences exclusively for women to facilitate these very important values.


hike and flow: a hiking + yoga experience


women’s hut trips


overnight glamping trips in my vintage 1977 VW Westfalia


snow-flow: perfect for bachelorette parties


Standup paddleboard (sup) yoga



I describe myself as a purpose-driven human on a mission to live life to the fullest and to spread joy while providing wholehearted and compassionate support to my clients and students.

My experiences provide a lighthearted yet soulful approach to empowered living through movement, yoga, and self inquiry. I believe your joyful journey is paved with adventure, big and small.

Joyfully Journeyed is my way of sharing my soul’s purpose to help and guide with women who are living life and want to live it even better!

In every walk in nature,
one receives far more than he seeks.
— John Muir